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Thiết bị báo động Honeywell VISTA-128BPT

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Mã sản phẩm: VISTA-128BPT
Tình trạng: Còn Hàng
Xuất xứ: Đang cập nhật
Bảo hành: 12 Tháng
Hà Nội: 0914 348 397

Thiết bị báo động Honeywell VISTA-128BPT

Provides nine style-B hardwired zones
Supports up to 119 additional zones using a built-in polling (V-Plex®, multiplex) loop interface
Supports up to 127 wireless zones using up to two 5800 series wireless receivers (fewer if using hardwire and/or polling loop zones)
Provides one power-limited bell circuit delivering 1.7Amp (max) at 12VDC
Provides the ability to control eight separate partitions independently, each functioning as if it had its own separate control
Accommodates 150 user codes with seven authority levels
Accommodates 32 keypad macro commands per system
Keeps a log of up to 512 events
Supports up to 16 compatible two-wire smoke detectors on zone 1
Zone 7 may be used for keyswitch arming/disarming
Integrates with WIN-PAK access control systems to provide increased users, event log and scheduling
Supports V-Plex addressable VISTAKEY access control (up to eight doors and 250 cards)
Easily programmed and maintained by Compass Windows-based downloader
Supports up to 96 programmable outputs
Programmable to meet SIA false alarm prevention specifications. To meet UL approval for ANSI/SIA CP-01-2010, order part number V128BPTSIA
Supports up to six touchscreen Advanced User Interface (AUI) devices (6272 or later)
Smoke detector reset at keypad
Quick exit
Group bypass
Arm faulted
Event arming
Carbon monoxide (CO) zone type support
Expanded high-speed RS-232 capability for third party interface and automation
Internet upload/download over AlarmNet GSM and/or IP communicators over the panel’s keypad (ECP) bus
Ringback support for AlarmNet communicators (confirmation of closing report)
24-hour dialer test support for AlarmNet devices
Supports V-Plex Smart Contact feature for improved responsiveness on systems with many V-Plex zones
Telco line cut detection

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